Karl VanArsdale

The founder and CEO of Vibrant Health Institute, Karl VanArsdale, brings scientific knowledge and compassion to the
attainment of optimum health.

Karl is a wounded healer who personally has gone through the therapies offered by Vibrant Health Institute – as well as
numerous other medical procedures and therapies which proved to be either ineffective or detrimental.  He understands the
physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles of those facing imminent death, and he appreciates the challenges facing busy
men and women who want vibrant health and energy.

In his own life Karl has gone from the point of entering hospice care to victory over debilitating chronic illness. Now strong
and energetic, he engages in sports, enjoys a full schedule of social and cultural activities, and oversees a growing health
care practice.

As a teenager in the Northwest, Karl was an outdoor enthusiast. His favorite pursuits were hiking and biking.  Wanting to
do more in these sports, Karl developed an interest in nutrition and natural health.  His abundant energy, keen mind, and
optimistic attitude helped him qualify for a real estate license at age 19.  The first attack on Karl’s health started a few years
later with symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, followed by the progressive malfunctioning of the adrenal glands. Natural
therapies helped slow the downward progress of the disease, but within a decade his condition had deteriorated so much
that hospice care seemed to be the only option.  Unable to pay for a hospice, since his business career had been destroyed
by his illness, Karl went to stay in the home of a ministry that provided shelter and guidance to the needy.

The simple country environment and encouraging spiritual atmosphere renewed his will to live. Through prayer and
counseling, basic healing modalities started to work.  Nutriceuticals, oxidative therapy, targeted supplements and
homeopathics gradually built up his strength to the point where he was able to go through detoxification and other
advanced modalities. Karl’s steady improvement made an impact on everyone around him, and people with physical
problems started coming to see him, hoping to benefit from his experience.  Realizing that his first-hand knowledge and
insights could help others, he became apprenticed to a leading practitioner and began his formal study of nutrition and
natural health therapies. He is an apprenticed ND and NAS (Nutrition Allergy Specialist).  He received his NC certification
from the Santa Barbara (CA) Naturopathic Institute. He is also an experienced Oxidative-HydroTherapist and
Psychoneural-Therapist (Brain Imagining), as well.  Additionally, Karl has created his own high-tech, advanced

On the basis of his own journey to vibrant health, and the wisdom gained in caring for scores of people with a wide range
of disorders, Karl works closely with each client in developing and executing an individualized program. His programs
follow a targeted and gentle approach, designed to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. An important element of
his success is his ability to help people understand the physical and emotional processes for attaining and maintaining
optimum health.

Jimmy Volpe

Jimmy became fascinated with the health and prevention industry during his college days.  With his body at that time,
becoming vastly taxed, he discovered the vitality that high grade vitamins offer.  Leading a fast and athletic lifestyle, basic
supplements for him became indispensable.  The results of which were so sustaining.  Part of Jimmy’s testimony lies in a
sporadic heart condition that challenges his endocrine throwing him a deficit hormonal level.  Exhaustion ensues.

As years went by it became essential that he monitor his body successfully with natural means of sustained support: which
has made all the difference in providing for a naturally synchronized hormonal flow.  Troubled sleep patterns became
obsolete while his athletic potential invariably increased.  Depressed mood swings dissolved, an indicator of stronger
serotonin flow in the body.

Today, the once-in-demand software engineer and coordinator, has followed his heart back to the roots in the naturopathic
industry.  He now is touching the realm of advanced naturopathy therapies as a nuero-imaging technician, para-counselor,
and financial manager.

Jimmy’s outstanding support and love for those coming out of the disease state process is indeed an asset to the VHI

Audrey Langdon

A once career-marketeer & counselor, Audrey offered services to clients such as: Oil of Olay and Regent University. Now
she serves on staff at VHI.  Here, in part, is her personal testimony on her journey back to vibrant health.

Since my first consultation with Karl VanArsdale of Vibrant Health Institute in August 2003, my health has improved
dramatically. And my life is forever changed.

By age 75 debilitating diarrhea and allergies had drained my energy, but conventional medical approaches had not helped.
Vibrant Health Institute therapy started with a diagnostic blood test that identified the reasons for my deteriorating
condition. The therapeutic program of nutritional supplements and enzymes prescribed by Karl cleared up my chronic
diarrhea in less than a month, along with chronic eye irritation. My energy levels and sleep patterns improved. A second
blood test showed a decline in Candida and other factors that had been causing dangerous arterial congestion.

With these improvements it was possible to begin colon hydrotherapy treatments in January 2004. By the third treatment, a
miracle occurred: the skin problems that had plagued me since infancy cleared up! For me, to have clear skin on my arms,
legs, chest, and back – to be free of oozing lesions and itching rashes – was almost incredible.  All other medical
procedures, including steroids, had brought only temporary relief.  My skin remains clear.

After the seventh hydrotherapy treatment I was able to get out of bed in the mornings without lower back pain. Continued
treatments included the use of ozone as well as hydro. At age 76, my strength and energy were the best they had been in
twenty years, and I was experiencing few symptoms of respiratory and digestive allergy. Then, in April 2004, I tripped
over a curb and landed on my left side, fracturing the pelvis. My recovery from the operation was faster and more
complete than the surgeon anticipated. Continuing colon hydrotherapy helped to flush anesthesia and other undesirable
elements out of my system, so the fracture and operation were only a temporary setback.

Now as I continue with the Vibrant Health Institute program, my energy, stamina, and flexibility are far above average for a
woman nearing age 80. I strongly recommend the protocols of Vibrant Health Institute for anyone who is interested in
obtaining optimum health.  Their targeted therapies are indeed life-changing.

Leticia Alarcon

Leticia, a natural manager, becomes a quick friend to many wherever she goes.  It’s not work to see a need and simply fill
it!  She just makes things happen, which is the reason VHI is rather happy to have her on staff.  Successfully designing for
a proficient work flow eases the office air any day of the week.

Leticia has been sought after for her stylistic consultant skills by both the medical industry as well as mainstream
businesses.  Flourishing with heart and concern for others, she’ll keep abreast of what is most presently important, focusing
to needs of the overall purpose of the clinic, as would be the case anywhere she went.

A proficient producer, Leticia began to slow down severely three years ago.  She came to the clinic in need as mainstream
medical didn’t seem to be offering any relief for her high-tension, which turned out to be a hormonal deficiency and a
dangerously congested liver.  Life was then coming to a complete stop and with great concern.  “A hospital bed was on the
way for me” she says.

“With targeted therapies from the clinic, homeopathics, oxidative therapy, and strict guidelines for a calculated turn-around,
I began to see miracles take place in my body which encouraged my faith.”

Leticia’s future was indeed looking bleak.  Though, her will to be true to her therapies caused strong changes which have
been accumulative over time. The testimony of renewed vitality now speaks clearly for Leticia; life is much different and
much better. “I cannot imagine going on the way things were, physically.  I have nothing but good things to say about
Vibrant Health Institute.  They really do believe in what they do, even in the toughest cases.  I’m happy to be a part of the
clinic, seeing lives change before my eyes is exciting.”