Man, age 36 - Sugar addiction, Mini-strokes

In my teens and early twenties I was an athletic person with no major health problems. Slowly the illnesses began piling up
– sinusitis, headaches, hypoglycemia, excessive fatigue, deteriorating cartilage, dizziness, chemical imbalance, and then a
series of mini strokes that affected the brain. Three years ago medical experts said my next step would be a nursing home
for life.

After the elders of my church prayed about this bad news, I “just happened” to run into Karl VanArsdale the next day. 
Karl gave me a ray of hope. He was able to diagnose not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of my
disabilities. He pre-scribed a therapeutic program and a diet plan that made a positive change in my health almost
immediately. Within six months there were no more problems from chemical imbalance.  I find I still need maintenance.  It
makes all the difference.

Today I’m active again in my career and my health continues to improve. I am on a regular program of nutriceuticals, diet,
exercise, and colon hydrotherapy. Along the way Karl has helped re-educate me, teaching me how to avoid the foods and
environments that cause the disorders I used to suffer from.   
I am grateful for Dr. Karl and the way God has used him in my life.
- Jack K.

Man, age 69 - Arthritic, Circulation distrubances

Oxidative therapy at VHI began the noticeable changes that I know today.  My arthritic condition has some how been
lessened by the therapies at the clinic.  I will definitely do more with Dr. Karl in the future.  It is wonderful to have less
tension in my body.  They say my infection levels are reduced now.  Life is getting better again.

- Steve M.

Man, age 51 - Baggy eyes, Congested liver, Anti-aging

My reasons for seeing VHI, at first, were for vanity and physical stamina.  In the end, after my six months, I accomplished
a great deal with my body in restoring energy and my vanity was honored as well.  But what I didn’t suspect were the
several infections that were unlocked and dealt with successfully, thanks to the clinic’s advanced analysis capability. My
intention in the future is to go back for touch up maintenance.  There is no question that I got my monies worth in
prevention and my new found vitality.

- Gary Q.

Woman, age 57 - Immune failure, Adrenal exhaustion

I suffered from systemic Candida for more than 30 years. Eventually it became so deep rooted and severe that it destroyed
my immune system. I became so weak that I was unable to keep gainful work and had to go on disability.

Neither MDs, naturopaths, nor health food stores offered much help. My situation was very depressing.

Until I met Dr. Karl VanArsdale, he is the only health care practitioner who seemed to understand the illness, and to have
tools powerful enough to treat it. Over the last two years under his care my immune system has gradually been restored,
and now I am able to prepare for meaningful employment in the field of natural health. My life has returned. I believe that
what Dr. VanArsdale does for needy people is a true ministry from God’s heart.  

- Rena G.

Woman, age 66 - Extreme low energy

VHI vastly added to my life, I feel so much better, need I say more?!

- Gabriele D.

Woman, age 33 - Major pains, Hormonal issues

Without oxidative therapy at VHI I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Five months ago I walked through the door with
symptoms of mood swings, PMS, and occasional sleep deprivation.  The many treatments I have received have been an
accumulated reward.  The way I feel is just too wonderful.  The clinic therapies are the very thing I hope they would be,
although they sounded almost too good to be true.  I look forward to completing my program in the near future and telling
my friends about the clinic.

- Rainbow L.

Woman, age 66 - Death looming

I met Karl and my life has never been the same.  It’s no wonder.  I didn’t know so much was possible for vitality after a
near death existence.  I went from being home bound for a long period of time, the depression was awful.  The AMA did
absolutely nothing for me.  After surviving a tested lethal fungus and heart attack, the AMA said life wouldn’t be the same
and to get use to it.  That’s nothing to tell someone in a depression.

While at a natural compounding pharmacy I heard the manager speak of Karl and asked for his phone number.  I called
and Karl agreed to take my case, severe as it was.  Breathing occasionally from a respirator I began the designed
protocol.  We went gentle at first and then added specific factors of organ support that tremendously sustained me in my
dark hour.  And I have never looked back, except to prove the AMA wrong with follow up heart testing.  And when they
asked what I had been doing, I chose not to tell them because it didn’t seem they wanted to see me better.  After all, that’s
not what they get paid for.  Disease management didn’t help me in the least.

I’m glad to see Vibrant Health Institute doing all that they do for others.  It’s so rare to see the kind of results I have received, looking back.  I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Karl.

- Peggy G.

Man, age 37 - Intestinal blockage

My major concern was the imposing intestinal indigestion that was growing rather uncomfortable.  It was obvious that I had
to do something.  My visits with the clinic immediately open better digestion for me.  Even my thinking became clearer and
sleep followed more soundly.  Life couldn’t go on the way it was.

- Steven W.

Man, age 67 / Woman, age 65 - Circulation issues, Blood sugar problems

Our journey back to health and better sleep was brought to us on a platter from VHI.  Circulation issues for both of us
were beginning to make life a little less enjoyable.  The power of certain formulas and homeopathics really make a
difference with fungus and disease issues.  Irritability has diminished and our energy levels are up substantially.

- Dean and Bonnie S.

Woman, age 50 - Diabetic, Coma survivor

I survived I diabetic coma but continued to encounter my severe diabetic problems.  Then I met Dr. Karl, through a
friend.  The VHI therapies opened up a new world of functionality to me.  My family couldn’t believe it.  I couldn’t believe
it.  My energy skyrocketed within a week.  Something I hadn’t known in years.  What a pleasant surprise.

The abscess-mast on my right lung was a threat, and growing; however, within three weeks of oxidative therapy an MRI
revealed the mast had shrunk.  Of course, I was elated.  Since then I have lived a more functional life, emotionally and
physically.  As well, beyond the wonderful therapies I did, I learned to treat food as medicine.  To say my life is better off
would be an understatement.

- Roberta H.